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In 2015, Schneider Electric made individual employee well-being an organisational mission to enable sustainable high performance. “A key pillar of the strategy was to develop great and caring leaders who inspire, adopt and promote well-being behaviours,” explains Schneider Electric’s CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire. A core metric that emerged from the strategic planning process was to grow overall employee engagement from 61% to 75% by 2020.

“The big difference has come from the idea of regular renewal. We can find better solutions and take faster decisions because we have more focus and a clearer mind. When we make quicker decisions, we save time, and we can do more in one day. This has a domino effect, cumulatively delivering a huge impact on performance.” – Schneider Electric, Vice President Logistics.


Key Challenges:

  • Individuals at all levels recognised the negative impact that poor well-being was having on their performance and motivation.
  • Technology and globalisation had transformed the nature of work, surfacing the costs of unconventional working hours.
  • Employees sacrificed rest and renewal as a strategy to meet business demands, resulting in feelings of overwhelm that negatively impacted their quality of work and relationships.
  • Creativity and strategic thinking were sidelined in the face of reactivity.


Energy Objectives:

  • To create a culture where well-being fuels sustainable high performance.
  • To provide a framework that helps teams use energy management principles to address their biggest business challenges.
  • To provide tools and strategies that help manage the rise in demands and hardwire more energy, creativity, focus, and trust at work.


Our Solution:

We worked with Schneider Electric’s top 1,000 leaders and 500 designated internal “Energy Champions” to help them understand how to better manage their own energy, to mobilise the capacity of their teams, and to innovate around new ways of working.

A key aspect of our solution was Leadership Energy Labs, which enabled senior managers to explore their role as Chief Energy Officers and to experiment with addressing the energy management behaviours that contributed to their biggest business challenges.

We introduced Internal Energy Champions to a new set of tools they could bring to their communities in order to expand and renew capacity every day both at work and home.

To scale the impact, we ran monthly global webinars in which we shared key ideas and strategies to the whole organisation. To measure the impact, we conducted regular energy diagnostics which provided a continuous snapshot of the organisation’s growing capacity.


Client Results:

  • 93% average satisfaction amongst participants of the Leadership and Champions Energy Labs.
  • 4% increase in engagement scores (from 61% to 65%) over 1 year, putting them on a trajectory to reach their 2020 engagement metric of 75%.
  • 1,600+ leaders attended sessions over an eight-month period.
  • 5,000+ webinar participants.
  • The programme has been shortlisted for numerous global awards and won the 2017 HR Distinction Award for Health and Well-being.
Planning to grow employee engagement to 75% by 2020.
How do you build a culture of well-being with practical tools to enable behavior change? Our solution: Energy Labs.
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