The Energy Audit® for Organisations

Assessing organizational capacity and growth orientation.

The Energy Audit® for Organisations (EAO) provides a detailed assessment of how effective organisational cultures are at fuelling high positive energy and continuous learning and growth. The EAO draws upon more than 16 years of work with organisations of all sizes, across multiple industries. It provides unique insight, beyond traditional engagement surveys, into precisely what prevents people from bringing the best of themselves to work every day, as well as a blueprint for how the organisation can remove the obstacles standing in the way of their ability to grow sustainably, transform successfully, and perform at the highest levels.

How It Works

The Energy Project analyses both quantitative and qualitative data to produce an Energy Score, a scorecard summary of relevant metrics, and an executive summary of key organisational strengths and challenges.

Key Results

  • Assess how well an organisation is managing employee energy across four dimensions – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Identify the key areas of growth for the organisation by recognising the organisation’s greatest strengths and what happens when it over-relies on them
  • Demonstrate the impact of energy management on engagement, retention and focus
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